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Catering van -Hungarian Stove cakes

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Country: UK
Region: North London
Body Style: DIY construction
Type of Unit: Doughnut Unit

Model:TRANSIT 350 MWB TDFuel:Diesel
Body type:Motor CaravanFirst
Ford Transit mobile catering business for sale, available
for selling freshly baked Hungarian-Transylvanian stove cakes plus hot

Stove cake is a Hungarian pastry also known as chimney cake or Hungarian
wedding cake, is a pastry, cooked on a tapered spit in an oven grill.
Originally from Transylvania, it is famous as Hungary's oldest pastry.
Stove cake is sold in bakeries, pastry shops and even street vendors are
selling them on street corners, carnivals and fairs. Stove cake
consists of a thin yeast pastry ribbon wired around a wooden cylinder,
sprinkled with sugar, thus becoming a helix shaped cylindrical pastry or
a pastry roll that sometimes tapers very slightly towards the end. The
pastry is baked on a special, tapered, wooden spit, rolled slowly on the
wooden cylinder in front of a vertical grill. The dough is
yeast-raised, flavored with sweet spices, the most common being
cinnamon, topped with walnuts or almonds, and sugar. Other toppings also
include vanilla, coconut and cocoa. The sugar is caramelized on the
cake's surface, creating a sweet, crispy caramel crust. Stove cake
originates from Transylvania, which was a part of Hungary for centuries,
and the name originates from the Hungarian word kürt that may refer to
chimney (kürto) or to horn (instrument) (originally made of animal
horn). Legend has it that the German baumkuchen is directly related to
the stove cake and is said to be derived from stove cake via Hungarian
wedding cake.

We found that people are attracted by the delicious smell of caramelised
sugar and they enjoy watching the interesting way of making them. The
cakes are made freshly in the van in order to serve our customers with a
first quality, authentic product!

The price includes all equipment (oven, dough mixer, generator, water
boiler, etc.)

As this product is unusual in the UK, it is very popular at events,
festivals, markets.

The van is in good condition, MOT till feb/11, road tax till oct/10

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