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Catering Dishwasher - Comenda GE65

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Country: UK
Region: Wiltshire
City: Wiltshire
Brand new (unused) Comenda GE65 Dishwasher RRP over £10,000. Plastic coating partly peeled off.

Comenda compact washers’ reliable and personalised cleaning guarantees total hygiene and satisfies user’s specific needs. Perfect cleaning for pots, pans, containers and bowls of any shape and size. 

With their compact design, Linea GE front-loading washers can even be installed in tight spaces while still providing high-quality performance. The removable rack, that slides on guides, makes loading and unloading a simple task. All front-loading models have dual and balanced doors making access even easier.

The many and complex working tools, from pans and bowls to whisks, hooks, pins, pastry bags and tips confirm the Linea GE RCD’s versatility and ensures high-quality cleaning. Pans, dripping pans, pots, baking pans, serving trays, skewers, grills, knives of all shapes and sizes benefit from the best washing solutions Comenda products have to offer.

The GE65 comes standard with a HAC control panel which allows reprogramming washing, pause and rinse times to best suit user’s specifications. It also displays the washing cycle counter and QHS (Quick Heating System). The card also has a self-diagnosis programme capable of identifying possible errors. 

The built in RCD (Rinse Control Device) is an advanced system which uses an atmospheric boiler and a pressure booster pump to keep water pressure constant during rinsing phase. Furthermore the RCD keeps the temperature constant at 85 °C throughout the entire rinse cycle.

for more info please call: Phone: 01249 717111


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